I'm Ree. This is my site.

...Looks like I've forgotten all the HTML (not that I ever worked with HTML5 in the first place). I'll work on that.

Twitter: @Ree

I am more active on Twitter than anywhere else on the internet. Mostly I mouth off about whatever's sunk its hooks into me lately. Sometimes I retweet things that I agree with and/or that really caught my attention.

pinboard.in: ree

My Pinboard usage is mostly private. Public bookmarks generally consist of thinks I found on Twitter or Tumblr, and/or things that I loved and want to be able to find again easily.

Tumblr: reetoes

The entire reason I got a Tumblr account was to jump into UfYH. I also reblog a little about video games and how much I love them.

Dreamwidth: ree

Since about 2012, this has been my main journal, although I'm not nearly as active as I'd like to be.

LiveJournal: msree

LiveJournal is a wretched litttle hole and I'm done having anything to do with it.